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Information provided by the American Medical Association (“AMA”) through CPT® Network, also referred to as CPT® Knowledge Base, is for medical coding guidance purposes only. It (i) does not supersede or replace the AMA’s Current Procedural Terminology® manual (“CPT Manual”) or other coding authority, (ii) does not constitute clinical advice, (iii) does not dictate payer reimbursement policy, and (iv) does not substitute for the professional judgement of the practitioner performing a procedure, who remains responsible for correct coding. In issuing this guidance, the AMA has relied upon the facts as presented. The guidance is intended only for the requestor, and it may be later rescinded, modified or clarified. The AMA is not responsible for updating guidance that is provided to a requestor, and requester acknowledges and agrees that guidance may cease to be accurate or complete based on subsequent guidance published in the CPT Manual. The AMA expressly disclaims and in no event shall the AMA be liable for any loss or damage based on reliance on or use of the information herein.

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